The Architecture Committee is responsible for maintaining the conformity and harmony of the Association. The Architecture Committee reviews and approves external design, color, type and appearance of exterior surfaces, including landscaping. Currently, members of the Association can refer the Declarations and Restrictions for guidance determining when a homeowner requires approval from the Architecture Committee for any proposed improvement.

Approval Process

The Architectural Committee will now meet once a month, on the third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. prior to the board meeting at the specified location of the board meeting. If you have a request requiring the Architectural Committee approval, please submit the completed Architectural Committee Form to the Architectural Committee by the second Monday of the month in order to be reviewed at the subsequent Architectural Committee meeting. Members of the Association can attend, and can answer questions from the Architectural Committee. However, Association Members will have to attend the board meeting if they wish to challenge the decision of the Architectural Committee. If no requests are submitted to the Architectural Committee, then the monthly committee meeting will be canceled.

Please provide as much detail concerning the proposed project as possible, including paint samples and description of materials. The completed form can be mailed to Rockwood HOA P.O. Box 513, Paola, KS 66071 or can be hand delivered to David McIntire at 29345 Rockwood Ave.

Committee Members

The current Architecture Committee consists of Jodie Livengood and Larry Cole. To contact the Architecture Committee, email