The Rockwood Homeowners Association have created the following committees in order to better service our community and neighborhood space. You can also reach the HOA via mail at Rockwood HOA, P.O. Box 513, Paola, KS 66071.

Architecture Committee
The Architecture Committee is responsible for maintaining the conformity and harmony of the Association. The Architecture Committee reviews and approves external design, color, type and appearance of exterior surfaces, including landscaping. Currently, members of the Association can refer the Declarations and Restrictions for guidance determining when a homeowner requires approval from the Architecture Committee for any proposed improvement. For more information on when the Architecture Committee meets and how to submit requests, click here.

The current Architecture Committee consists of Jodie Livengood and Larry Cole. To contact the Architecture Committee, email

Common Areas
For questions or concerns regarding the common areas, please email the committee which currently consists of Heath Harmon at and Larry Cole at

For questions or concerns regarding the neighborhood, please email Dawn Atwell at and Marissa Krehbiel at